Happy Diwali 2023 Wishes, Greeting, Messages, Status, SMS, Quotes

Happy Diwali
Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali, Deepavali, or the Festival of Lights—whatever you say, it is the biggest occasion in India. Apart from India, Diwali is celebrated throughout the world by Indian migrants. It is generally celebrated in late October or early November, and the festival lasts for five days. Nowadays, Deepavali is celebrated by decorating homes with colorful rangolis (patterns made with colored powder), lighting diyas (oil lamps), and candles, exchanging gifts and sweets, and observing fireworks.

Happy Diwali 2023 Date

Deepavali does not have any specific date like other festivities. It is celebrated on different dates each year as it is based on the lunar calendar. It is a widely celebrated Hindu festival in India and Hindu community around the world. It is a festival of holy lights (diyas), happiness, and prosperity that marks the triumph of good over evil. For 2023, Diwali will be celebrated on Sunday, 12 November. 

History of Diwali

The origin of Diwali goes back to ancient Hindu mythology, attached with several legends and stories linked with the festival. The most famous one is Lord Rama returning to his kingdom of Ayodhya after defeating the demon king Ravana. The people of Ayodhya lit lamps and fireworks to celebrate his return and the victory of good over evil. Currently, Deepavali is celebrated to commemorate this and other legends and stories.

Happy Diwali Celebrations

Deepavali is celebrated by lighting diyas (oil lamps) and candles, decorating houses with rangolis (patterns made with colored powder), exchanging gifts and sharing sweets, and lighting fireworks. It’s also a golden time for families to come together, eat together, and celebrate the triumph of light over darkness.

Apart from Hindus, it is celebrated by Jains, Sikhs, and Buddhists for discrete reasons. For Jains, it marks the attainment of moksha (liberation) by Lord Mahavira. For Sikhs, it commemorates the freeing of Guru Hargobind and 52 other princes from prison by Mughal Emperor Jahangir. For Buddhists, it marks the conversion of Emperor Ashoka to Buddhism.

Diwali Food

Food is a staple of Deepavali celebrations, and there are plenty of traditional dishes that can be prepared and enjoyed during the festival. Some popular dishes include barfis, sweets, laddoos, savory snacks like gulab jamuns, samosas, and namak para, and main courses like paneer tikka and biryani.

How to Celebrate Diwali

There are numerous ways to celebrate the festival of lights, among these, we have given you 5 best ideas to celebrate Deepavali:

Decorate your home and surroundings by lighting up diyas, candles, and fairy lights to create a festive atmosphere.

Dressed in new clothes and share gifts and sweets with family, friends, and neighbors.

Enhance your home with colorful rangolis and flower garlands.

Set off fireworks or attend a community fireworks display to witness the triumph of good over evil.

Prepare traditional Deepavali foods and enjoy a festive feast with your loved ones.

Happy Diwali Wishes, Greetings 2023

Here we have added some of the best Deepavali Wishes and Greetings for you to share and greet your friends and family during the festival of lights:

  • Wishing you and your lovely family a very Happy Diwali filled with love, light, and fireworks.
  • May the spirit of Deepavali fill your heart and home with love, laughter, and optimism. Happy Diwali!
  • Let the light of Diyas fill your home and surroundings with warmth and happiness. A wonderful celebration! Happy Deepavali!
  • Let’s set up the fireworks and light up the diyas with positivity, kindness, and love for each other. Happy Diwali!
  • Let us celebrate the festival of light together with joy and the warmth of love.
  • Diwali is the best time to renew our commitment to spreading love, kindness, and optimism to all. Happy Deepavali!
  • Let's celebrate the victory of good over evil, and light over darkness. Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali 2023 SMS, Messages 

Here are Deepavali SMS Messages for you to send with your loved ones to celebrate the festival of lights:

  • Deepavali is about celebrating the simple joys of life with family and friends. Happy Diwali!
  • May this year's festival of lights bring endless joy and happiness! Happy Diwali!
  • While celebrating the light, don't forget to share love, kindness, and positive thoughts with everyone. Happy Diwali!
  • May this Deepavali bring new opportunities, new hopes, and new beginnings into your life!
  • Let the colors and lights of diyas fill your life with joy and happiness.
  • Let’s gather together to celebrate the festival of light, spreading joy, optimism, and good wishes to everyone. Happy Diwali everyone!

Happy Diwali Status, Captions 2023

Here are some Diwali WhatsApp Statuses and captions for Instagram for you to use on social media to celebrate the festival of lights:

  • Let us light up the world with love, empathy, peace, and loads of happiness. #HappyDiwali!
  • As we are gearing up to light up our homes and hearts with the spirit of Deepavali, remember to spread love and kindness to everyone around us. Happy #Diwali
  • Let the colorful lights of Deepavali brighten your life and fill it with joy and prosperity. #FestivalofLights!
  • Let the Diwali diyas and candles light the path of beauty, happiness, and prosperity. #HappyDeepavali
  • May this Deepavali convey more light and choice happiness and love that you have always wanted. #HappyDiwali
  • Let’s make this festival of lights a memorable one by celebrating with our loved ones and spreading happiness and optimism to all. Happy #Diwali!

Happy Diwali Quotes

Here are some Deepavali quotes by celebrities that you can share with your friends and family to celebrate the festival of lights:

"Happy Diwali to one and all... may the beauty of this festival fill every heart with happiness and love. May all your troubles be overcome and let's pray that this Diwali sets the tone for a brighter, happier life ahead." — Shah Rukh Khan

"Wishing everyone a Happy Diwali. Diwali is associated with brightness and radiance. May this auspicious festival further the spirit of joy and well-being in our lives." — Narendra Modi

"Happy Diwali to all countrymen! On this holy festival of light and joy, let us try to bring happiness to the lives of those in need by lighting the lamp of knowledge and energy. On this great festival, I pray for happiness and prosperity in the lives of all the countrymen." — President Droupadi Murmu

"Wish each and every one of you a very HAPPY AND WONDERFUL DIWALI and a magnificent Festival season ahead. May God bless all of you with his love, best of his blessing and peace and prosperity." — R Madhavan

"Happy Diwali everyone! Wishing peace, light and love in abundance for all." — Priyanka Chopra

"Diwali saal mein 3 baar kyun nahi ho sakti??? Happy Diwali!!!" — Shraddha Kapoor

"This Diwali, celebrate with your loved ones and spread happiness with an exotic range of healthy festive gift packs from Omara Dates. May this year bring you health, happiness, and love in abundance. Wishing you all a safe & joyous Diwali" — Amitabh Bachchan 

"May this auspicious day takes away all your sorrows and fills your life with happines. Wishing everyone a blessed, prosperous & very Happy Diwali." — Manoj Bajpayee

In the concluding section, we can say that Diwali is a joyous and light festival celebrated by millions. Celebrate this festival of lights with family and friends and make beautiful memories that last a lifetime. Happy Diwali!