Happy St. Joseph's Day 2024 Facts, Wishes, Status, and Quotes

St. Joseph's Day, also called the Feast of Saint Joseph or the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, is celebrated on March 19 each year in Western Christianity. [1] It is the principal feast day of Saint Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and legitimate father of Jesus Christ. In the Catholic Church, Saint Joseph has the rank of a solemnity. It is a feast or remembrance in the provinces of the Anglican Communion, and a holiday or celebration in the Lutheran Church. Scroll down to learn more about Saint Joseph's Day along with facts, greetings, wishes, messages, prayers, and quotes. 

St. Joseph's Day 2024 Date 

St Joseph's Day, also called the Feast of Saint Joseph, is observed by the Catholic Church, Lutheran Church, and Anglican churches. Although it is not celebrated by all Christians globally, it is considered among the highest-ranked feasts of the Catholic Church. This year, St. Joseph's Day will be celebrated on Tuesday, March 19, 2024. 

History of St. Joseph's Day 

March 19 was dedicated to St. Joseph in many Western calendars until the 10th century, and the custom was established by 1479 in Rome. Pope Pius V enlarged its authority to the entire Roman Rite in his Apostolic Constitution Quo primum (July 14, 1570). Initially a double of the second class and a precept feast, in 1917 it was again declared a precept, which status it frequently lost, and consequently raised to its present rank of double of the first class (now called solemnity), including all remaining general feasts became a common range for de precept.

St. Joseph's Day Traditions 

Popular Saint Joseph's Day traditions and customs among Christians of various liturgical traditions include - attending church for Mass or the Divine Service, putting on red-colored clothing, carrying blessed dried fava beans, and assembling home altars dedicated to Saint Joseph.

St. Joseph's Day Celebrations

St. Joseph's Day celebrations begin with church attendance at Mass or Divine Service. Other popular things people do on this day are wearing red-colored clothing, carrying fava beans that have been blessed, getting together for home altars dedicated to Saint Joseph, and attending a Saint Joseph's Day parade.

How to Celebrate St. Joseph's Day

Below we have given you 5 best ideas to celebrate Saint Joseph's Day:


An Altar of St. Joseph is a Sicilian custom of offering Love, Labor, and Sacrifice in honor of the Heritage of the Sicilians and the Universal Church. According to legend, St. Joseph’s Altar appeared in Sicily several centuries ago during a drought and famine.


Several traditions are tied to celebrating St. Joseph's Day. Generally, the color red is traditionally worn on this holiday in honor of Saint Joseph and is also said to bring good luck on St Joseph's Day.


May you want to have meat but all of them are meatless because this holiday falls during Lent. Some of the traditional dishes made and eaten on this day include fava beans, pasta, bread rolls, bread garnished with figs, wine, Italian pastries, and fruit.


It is a renowned traditional pasty eaten on the feast day of St. Joseph. Traditionally fried but there are also available baked varieties. Usually, they are cream-filled and topped with ricotta and red cherries.


There are people born with less fortune and they get deprived of facilities like us. It is that area where you can collect food for the poor and distribute it to those who visit the altar or to food banks when the altar is removed.

Interesting Facts About Saint Joseph

On the occasion of Saint Joseph's Day, find out some unknown facts about St Joseph:

  • Joseph is the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
  • Joseph is the foster father of Jesus.
  • Joseph was a carpenter by profession.
  • He was born in Bethlehem, Palestine, and lived in Nazareth.
  • Joseph was told by an angel in his dream to take Mary into his home. In another dream, he was instructed to take Mary and Jesus to Egypt. 
  • Joseph is the patron Saint of the Universal Church, unborn, travelers, families, fathers, wanderers, workers, and happy death. Besides, he is the patron Saint of several countries including Canada, Mexico, Russia, Peru, Belgium, Korea, Austria, Bohemia, Vietnam, and also Sicily, Italy. 

When Was Saint Joseph Born And Died

Joseph first arrives in the Bible in the gospels of Matthew and Luke; In the book of Matthew, Joseph is a descendant of King David. According to the Bible, Joseph was born about 100 B.C. and later married the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. He died in Israel about 1 A.D.

What Is Saint Joseph Known For

St. Joseph is widely regarded as the patron saint of fathers, families and virgins, workers, especially carpenters, expectant mothers, and the unborn. Among many other things, he is the patron saint of barristers and attorneys, travelers, emigrants, and home seekers.

Happy St. Joseph Day 2024: Wishes, Messages, Sayings, and Greetings

Here is a collection of Saint Joseph's Day greetings, wishes, and messages to share with your loved ones and community: 

  • St. Joseph's Day is a great time to remember your friends and family and spend this holiday with them. Wishing you and your dearest ones a very happy Feast of the St. Joseph!!!
  • On St. Joseph's Day, may we gather together to enjoy the feast and holidays. I wish that you be always blessed by the guidance and protection of your heavenly patron.!
  • Dear God, as you once sent St. Joseph to protect Mary and Jesus, please send the Holy Spirit to always guide and protect each of us. Happy St. Joseph's Day!
  • Just as St. Joseph guided and protected Jesus and Mary through his hard work, I want you to take inspiration from him and always follow the path of devotion and love. Best wishes on St Joseph’s Day!
  • Sending you and your loved ones heartiest love and heartfelt prayers on the Feast of St Joseph. May you be blessed with a wonderful Holy Day and be blessed by the Holy Spirit

St. Joseph's Day 2024 Status, Prayers, Captions 

Below are some St. Joseph's Day status, captions, and prayers to share on social media:

  • May God bless you with peace and happiness, to make this special day more meaningful for you and your loved ones. Happy St. Joseph's Day.
  • Just as Joseph became the strongest pillar of the Holy Family, may you always be blessed!! Happy St Joseph's Day 2024!
  • May God give us all the strength to take inspiration from St. Joseph's hardworking life!! May we love and care for our family, and our neighbors who are obedient and loving!!! #StJosephsDay
  • May you be blessed with a memorable feast of St Joseph with your family and friends!!! May only joy and happiness, peace, and tranquility be in your lives every day!!! #StJosephsDay2024
  • Today is our gathering day for the celebrations of St. Joseph’s Day!!! Let us all join hands together and encourage this holiday with vibrant celebrations and feasts. #StJosephDay

St Joseph's Day Quotes 

Here we added a collection of inspiring quotes about Saint Joseph, the foster father of Jesus and husband of blessed Mary:

"Saint Joseph. One cannot love Jesus and Mary without loving the Holy Patriarch." — St. Josemaria Escriva

"Saint Joseph. One cannot love Jesus and Mary without loving the Holy Patriarch." — St. Josemaria Escriva

"Jesus and Mary themselves obey and offer their homage to Joseph, for they reverence what the hand of God has established in him, namely, the authority of spouse and the authority of father." — Blessed William Joseph Chaminade

"In Joseph … heads of the household are blessed with the unsurpassed model of fatherly watchfulness and care." — Pope St. John Paul II. 

"Whereas Adam and Eve were the source of evil which was unleashed on the world, Joseph and Mary are the summit from which holiness spreads all over the earth." — Pope Leo XIII

"Joseph, of royal blood, united by marriage to the greatest and holiest of women, reputed the father of the Son of God, passed his life in labor, and won by the toil of the artisan the needful support of his family." — Thomas Aquinas. 

"We wonder why the Gospel makes so little mention of St. Joseph. But did it not say everything when it taught us that he was the husband of Mary?" — Pope Leo XIII

"There are many saints to whom God has given the power to assist us in the necessities of life, but the power given to St. Joseph is unlimited: It extends to all our needs, and all those who invoke him with confidence are sure to be heard." — Pope Pius XI

"Nothing will be refused him [St. Joseph], neither by Our Lady nor by his glorious son." — St. Francis de Sales

"He [St. Joseph] belongs to the working-class, and he bore the burdens of poverty for himself and the Holy Family, whose tender and vigilant head he was." — Pope Pius XI

In the concluding section, we would say that this is the principal Feast Day of St Joseph who was the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Traditionally, this is a day of moderation and on this day the table in front of St. Joseph is sprinkled with non-meat dishes. Celebrate the feast with your loved ones and send St. Joseph’s Day greetings, text messages, prayers, and quotes to the friends you cannot reach. Happy Feast Day of Saint Joseph!