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Bonifacio Day
Bonifacio Day

Bonifacio Day (Filipino: Araw ni Bonifacio) is an annual celebration and national holiday in the Philippines to commemorate one of the country's national heroes, Andrés Bonifacio. He was the originator and eventual Katipunan Supremo, a confidential community that fought the Philippine Revolution of 1896 against the Spanish Empire. The day is celebrated each November 30, on the birthday of Bonifacio. Bonifacio also derives his name from St Andrew the Apostle, as he was born on the saint’s feast day.

Bonifacio Day 2023 Date

Bonifacio Day is celebrated in the Philippines on 30 November annually and it is a holiday. This day was created to show homage to the life and contributions of Andrés Bonifacio, a Filipino revolutionary and a key figure in the Philippine Revolution against Spanish colonization in the late 19th century. This year, Bonifacio Day will be celebrated on Thursday, 30th of November 2023.

History of Bonifacio Day

Bonifacio's birthday (30 November 1863) has been celebrated by civic organizations since 1901. Senator Lope K. Santos filed a bill in 1920 to proclaim November 30 as a holiday. Next year, the governor-general agreed to the bill as Act No. 2946. The law did not name the day on Bonifacio and connected November 30 to the list of holidays listed in Act No. 2711. Eventually, the date became a holiday to remember all Filipino heroes. This carried on even when a different National Heroes' Day holiday was announced in 1931. In 1942, November 30 was selected as National Heroes' Day. Later in 1952, by that time, President Elpidio Quirino ordered to separation of Bonifacio Day and National Heroes' Day by an executive order.

Bonifacio Day Law

There is no certain "Bonifacio Day Law" in the Philippines' Constitution. However, Bonifacio Day was officially declared a public holiday by Commonwealth Act No. 294, passed on 28 October 1936 during the Commonwealth Period. On this day, government offices, schools, and most businesses are closed to allow Filipinos to participate in activities honoring the memory of Bonifacio and the ideals he stood for.

Bonifacio Day Celebrations

How to Celebrate Bonifacio Day

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Bonifacio Day Quotes

On the anniversary of Andrés Bonifacio enrich your knowledge with some of his inspiring quotes. Below we have added some of his most famous quotes:

"Aling pag-ibig pa ang hihigit kaya sa pagkadalisay at pagkadakila." (What love could be greater than purity and nobility?)

"Ang pagsusumikap at pagpipilit na kumita ng ikakabuhay ay pagpapahayag ng tunay na pagmamahal sa sarili, sa asawa, anak, kapatid, at kababayan." (Diligence is an expression of true love for oneself, spouse, children, siblings, and fellow countrymen.

"Kung hindi ngayon, kailan pa?" (If not now, when?)

"Reason teaches us that we must be united in will, united in thought and that we might have the strength to search out the reigning evil in our Nation. This is the time for the light of truth to surface; this is the time for us to show that we have our own sentiments, have honor, have shame, and have solidarity."

"Ang hindi magmahal sa sariling wika ay higit pa ang amoy sa mabahong isda." (Those who do not love their own language are worse than smelly fish.

"Why? Which is a perfect size, which offered an irreverent inspiration, is very costly ruling, and ginugulan harbor life?"

"Also with this love of country, all the more expensive gunita’y, From masaya’y gasong infancy until his body be in the grave."

"Ay! It’s her homeland: He iona’t distinguishing inertia of interesting brightness of the sun that gives heat throughout the body."

In the concluding section of Bonifacio Day, we can say that it is an important event in Philippine national history and culture. It is a day for every Filipino to honor the valor, leadership, and patriotism of Andrés Bonifacio. The holiday reminds Filipinos of the struggle for independence, the sacrifices of their ancestors, and the ongoing quest for national sovereignty.