Happy Ekadashi 2023 History, Rituals, Mantra, Dates

Happy Ekadashi
Happy Ekadashi

Ekadashi is a Hindu religious custom dedicated to Lord Vishnu. People observe fast on these auspicious days. Devotees pray and fast to Lord Vishnu. They believe that those devotees who fast on those particular days get rid of their bad past karma and go straight to Vaikunth Dhaam (the abode of Lord Shri Hari) after death.

Ekadashi 2023

It is regarded as one of the most significant days in the Hindu religion. Devotees observe a strict fast to attain the satisfaction of Lord Vishnu. Some devotees fast even without water (Nirjala Fast) or eat only fruits and pray to Lord Vishnu on these auspicious days. They break the fast on the next day at Dwadashi Tithi. There are a total of 24 such days in a year.

History of Ekadashi 

It derived from Lord Vishnu and appeared to kill the demon Mura, who was intent on killing the sleeping Lord Vishnu. The goddess Ekadashi is the protective power of Lord Vishnu and the goddess Vaishnavi is another power of Vishnu and is part of the Sapta Matrika. Hence, devotees worshiping Lord Vishnu adopt the tradition of worshiping the Ekadashi deity on the day of Margashirsha, Krishna Paksha.

Ekadashi 2023: Rituals

It arrives twice a month between Shukla Paksha and Krishna Paksha. It is believed that those who observe the fast, are blessed by Lord Vishnu with happiness and attain salvation (Moksha).

There are two principles which are known as Smartha and Vaishnava. The smartha rule is simple - visible at local sunrise time. Vaishnava follows which is not tainted by Dashami tithi. The Vaishnava fast day may be a day after the Smartha fast day. Below are some rituals follow during the fast days:

  • 1. Getting up in the morning and taking a holy bath.
  • 2. Placing the idol of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi and lit up a diya with desi ghee.
  • 3. Offering sweets, garland, and Panchamrit to Lord Vishnu
  • 4. Putting Tulsi Patra in every pot which is offered to Lord Vishnu.
  • 5. Reciting Ekadashi Katha and chanting the mantra.
  • 6. Visiting a Vishnu Temple
  • 7. Breaking the fast and eating satvik foods

Moreover, devotees also offer food and staff to the needy.

Ekadashi 2023 Mantra

  • 1. Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
  • 2. Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare

Ekadashi Fasting rules 

Fasting foods do not include grains, meat, and fish. Fruits, milk or dairy, and non-grain products are allowed. If you are planning to fast for the first time and you don’t know what to eat, try to avoid wheat, legumes, flour, rice, onions, and garlic.

Ekadashi Dates 2023

Those who plan to observe these fast every month, can follow the annual Ekadashi calendar and set dates for it.

Ekadashi in January 2023

January 2, 2023, Monday

Commenced - 07:11 PM 1st, 

Concluded - 08:23 January 2nd

January 18, 2023, Wednesday 

Commenced - 06:05 PM, January 17th

Concluded - 04:03 PM, January 18th

Ekadashi in February 2023


February 1, 2023, Wednesday

Commenced - 11:53 AM, January 31st

Concluded - 02:01 PM, February 1st


16 February 2023, Thursday

Commenced - 05:32 AM, Feb 16th

Concluded - 02:49 AM, Feb 17th

Ekadashi in March 2023


March 3, 2023, Friday

Commences - 06:39 AM, Mar 02nd

Concludes - 09:11 AM, Mar 03rd


March 18, 2023, Saturday

Commences - 02:06 PM, Mar 17th

Concludes - 11:13 AM, Mar 18th

Ekadashi in April 2023 


April 1, 2023, Saturday

Commences - 01:58 AM, Apr 01st

Concludes - 04:19 AM, Apr 02nd


April 16, 2023, Sunday

Commences - 08:45 PM, Apr 15th

Concludes - 06:14 PM, Apr 16th

Ekadashi in May 2023


May 1, 2023, Monday

Commences - 08:28 PM, Apr 30th

Concludes - 10:09 PM, May 01st


May 15, 2023, Monday

Commences - 02:46 AM, May 15th

Concludes - 01:03 AM, May 16th


May 31, 2023, Wednesday

Commences - 01:07 PM, May 30th

Concludes - 01:45 PM, May 31st

Ekadashi in June 2023


June 14, 2023, Wednesday

Commences - 09:28 AM, Jun 13th

Concludes - 08:48 AM, Jun 14th


June 29, 2023, Thursday

Commences - 03:18 AM, Jun 29th

Concludes - 02:42 AM, Jun 30th

Ekadashi in July 2023 


July 13, 2023, Thursday

Commences - 05:59 PM, Jul 12th

Concludes - 06:24 PM, Jul 13th


July 29, 2023, Saturday

Commences - 02:51 PM, Jul 28th

Concludes - 01:05 PM, Jul 29th

Ekadashi in August 2023


August 12, 2023, Saturday

Commences - 05:06 AM, Aug 11th

Concludes - 06:31 AM, Aug 12th

Shravana Putrada

August 27, 2023, Sunday

Commences - 12:08 AM, Aug 27th

Concludes - 09:32 PM, Aug 27th

Ekadashi in September 2023


September 10, 2023, Sunday

Commences - 07:17 PM, Sep 09th

Concludes - 09:28 PM, Sep 10


September 25, 2023, Tuesday

Commences - 07:55 AM, Sep 25th

Concludes - 05:00 AM, Sep 26th

Ekadashi in October 2023


October 10, 2023, Tuesday

Commences - 12:36 PM, Oct 09th

Concludes - 03:08 PM, Oct 10th


October 25, 2023, Wednesday

Commences - 03:14 PM, Oct 24th

Concludes - 12:32 PM, Oct 25th

Ekadashi in November 2023 


November 9, 2023, Thursday

Commences - 08:23 AM, Nov 08th

Concludes - 10:41 AM, Nov 09th


23 November 2023, Thursday

Commences - 11:03 PM, Nov 22nd

Concludes - 09:01 PM, Nov 23rd

Ekadashi in December 2023


December 8, 2023, Friday

Commences - 05:06 AM, Dec 08th

Concludes - 06:31 AM, Dec 09th


December 22, 2023, Friday

Commences - 08:16 AM, Dec 22nd

Concludes - 07:11 AM, Dec 23rd


Ekadashi (also called Hari Vasara as it is dedicated to Lord Vishnu) is a day of fasting devoted to Hindus. Those who fast on these days are believed to avoid malefic planetary influences, attain happiness, and attain true peace through contemplation of Ishvara and attainment of moksha.