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Happy Teachers Day
Happy Teachers Day

Teacher's Day is a special day celebrated in honor of teachers which is celebrated on different days in many countries of the world. On this day, teachers are honored for their significant contributions to their own field of work. According to UNESCO, World Teachers' Day is celebrated to recognize the outstanding contribution of teachers to education and development.

When is Teachers' Day?

Since 1995, every year on October 5, World Teachers' Day has been celebrated worldwide. This day is observed to commemorate the contribution of teachers.

World Teachers' Day 2024

Since 1995, every year on October 5, World Teachers' Day has been celebrated worldwide. This day is observed to commemorate the contribution of teachers. Although this day is celebrated on different days in different countries, October 5 is World Teachers' Day recognized by UNESCO.

Teachers' Day in History

Since the beginning of the 20th century, initiatives have been taken to celebrate Education Day in different countries. In most cases, this day is celebrated in each country to mark the achievement of a famous teacher or a significant milestone. For example, Argentina celebrates Teacher's Day on September 11, the death anniversary of Domino Faustino Sarmento. 

Although India traditionally observes Guru Purnima (dedicated to the well-being of spiritual and institutional teachers) in the month of Ashada (June–July) according to the Hindu calendar, Teacher's Day has also been celebrated since 1962 on Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's birthday (September 5). 

This is one of the main reasons why Teachers' Day is celebrated on different days in different countries instead of being celebrated all over the world at the same time as other international days.

Why is World Teacher's Day celebrated on October 5 every year?

On October 5, 1966, a special intergovernmental conference was held by UNESCO in Paris to take on recommendations on the status of teachers worldwide. UNESCO, in collaboration with the ILO (International Labor Organization), made the recommendations. Later, on October 5, 1994, UNESCO announced that the day would be observed annually as World Teachers' Day.

What is the theme for World Teachers' Day in 2024?

On the occasion of World Teachers' Day day, Education International (EI) selects a theme every year to raise public awareness as well as recall the contribution of the teaching profession.

World Teachers' Day 2022 Theme: Teachers constantly work hard to motivate, educate, and guide us like a mentor every day. UNESCO publishes a theme for World Teachers' Day every year. This year UNESCO has chosen a theme or slogan with celebrations around the world marking the 28th anniversary of World Teachers' Day. The theme announced for 2022 is: "Teachers at the Center for Education Recovery".

Educational institutions around the world were closed due to the outbreak of coronavirus. As a result, now is the best time to shape the future of education through education recovery. Teachers can play one of the most important roles in shaping the future of education.

How to celebrate Teachers' Day?

Teachers are happy when they notice that their students are learning and their work is not going in vain. The main point here is to be as creative as possible and give your teachers a sweet surprise! Below are 7 ways to celebrate educators on World Teacher’s Day 2022-

  1. Say 'Thank You, Teacher'
    The best way for students to celebrate Teacher's Day is by gifting their teacher with a greeting card writing a poem or creating artwork.
  2. Contact Them Personally
    Consider contacting your favorite teachers and tell them how they have had a strong impact on your life and career choices.
  3. Give Them a Party
    You can come together with your classmates and friends to thank teachers by throwing a special reception or party. You may include a special event (song, poem, or other student-made recitation), and present each teacher with a gift made by students.
  4. Express Gratitude and Respect to Them
    Let them know honestly how their suggestions were influential and contributed to your success. Wear a white t-shirt with messages that praise teachers and their teaching.
  5. Treat Them with Their Favorite Dishes 
    It is a good idea to surprise your favorite teachers by treating them to their favorite dishes at restaurants or at your home. 
  6. Wish on Social Media Expressing Gratitude 
    Students and their parents can wish teachers by creating moments expressing appreciation for teachers and posting them on social media.
  7. Ask Teachers If They Need Help
    Ask your teachers if they need you; it will surely make them happy. So dedicate yourself to helping them in the best possible way.

Teachers' Day Celebrations in Different Countries 

Since 1995, this day has been celebrated in over 100 countries around the world through UNESCO to recognize the contribution of teachers. Although UNESCO proclaimed October 5 as World Teachers' Day, this day is celebrated on different days in different countries. Education International (EI) and its 401 member organizations play a key role in celebrating this day. Below is a list of the different countries with their individual dates of Teachers' Day celebration-

  • January 15: Venezuela 
  • January 16: Thailand 
  • January 30: Greece
  • February 24: Oman
  • February 28: Seven countries celebrate Teachers' Day on February 28. They are Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, and Yemen.
  • March 1: Iraq 
  • March 7: Albania
  • March 9: Lebanon 
  • Third Thursday of March: Syria 
  • March 28: Slovakia 
  • April 13: Ecuador 
  • April 30: Paraguay 
  • May 2: Bhutan, Iran
  • In Bhutan, the day was established to mark the birth anniversary of the third King of Bhutan, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck, who introduced modern education to the country.
  • Iranians celebrate the day on May 2 in memory of Abo-al-Hasan Khan-Ali before the Iranian revolution and after that reassigned the same day in memory of Morteza Motahhari.
  • May 15: Columbia, South Korea 
  • May 24: Bulgaria
  • May 20: Puerto Rico 
  • First Sunday of June: Hungary 
  • June 6: Bolivia   
    The date is an homage to Modesto Omiste's birthday (June 6th, 1840), who was concerned about the education system in Bolivia. 
  • June 25: Guatemala
    In memory of the teacher María Chinchilla who died during a violent riot in protest against the government.
  • Nepal: Full moon day of Ashadha (June–July)    The full moon day is also called Ashad Sukla Purnima, and the date usually falls in mid-July. Teacher's Day is known as "Guru Purnima" in Nepali, where "Guru" means teacher and "Purnima" means "Full Moon".
  • July 6: Peru
  • First Friday of September: Singapore 
  • September 11: Argentina. 
    In memory of Domingo F. Sarmiento (1811 – 1888), journalist, governor of San Juan, diplomat, senator, and President of Argentina, who made primary education compulsory, established 800 educational and military institutions including teachers' schools, founded public libraries, and more.
  • September 10: China and Hong Kong 
    The People's Republic of China first announced Teachers' Day in 1985 but has never clearly explained why it should fall on September 10.
  • September 17: Honduras
  • September 28: Taiwan 
  • September 22: Uruguay 
  • September 23: Brunei
  • October 1: Uzbekistan 
  • First Sunday of October: Belarus, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine.
  • October 5: A total of thirty-five countries celebrate the date on October 5: They are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Armenia, Canada, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, Croatia, Georgia, Germany, Kuwait, Lithuania, Mongolia, Mauritius, Maldives, Cameroon, Myanmar, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.
  • Last Friday in October: Australia 
  • October 7: Laos
  • October 14: Poland 
  • October 15: Brazil
  • October 16: Chile 
  • November 20: Vietnam 
  • November 21: Somalia 
  • November 24: Turkey 
  • November 25: Indonesia 
  • November 27: Spain 
  • December 1: Panama, South Sudan
  • December 14: Palestine 
  • December 22: Costa Rica, Cuba 
    Commemorating the birth date of Mauro Fernández Acuña (22nd December of 1843), a reformer of Costa Rican education.

Teachers' Day in India 

World International Teacher's Day is celebrated on the 5th of October, but in India Teachers' Day is celebrated on the 5th of September. Teacher's Day is celebrated through various events. Students across the country pay respect to their teachers on this day.  However, UNESCO in collaboration with the International Labor Organization has declared October 5 as World Teachers' Day to commemorate the recommendations on the status of teachers. So why is Teachers' Day celebrated on another day in India? The question aroused everyone's mind.

India's Teachers' Day has been celebrated as Teacher's Day since 1962 on the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (1888-1975), the first Vice-President and second President of independent India. An eminent scholar, philosopher, and Bharat Ratna recipient Dr. Radhakrishnan was born on September 5, 1888. Radhakrishnan taught at various colleges and universities including Presidency College, Chennai, and Calcutta University. He was the Vice-Chancellor of Andhra Pradesh University, Delhi University, and Banaras Hindu University respectively. He was appointed as the first Vice-President of India in 1952 and 10 years later, in 1962, Radhakrishnan became the second President of India.

Teachers' Day in the USA

Traditionally, National Teacher Day is on the Tuesday of the first full week of May in the United States. Hence the actual date varies from year to year. Additionally, the entire week is considered Teacher Appreciation Week, and lots of activities are conducted on the occasion.

Significance and Importance of Teachers' Day 

Have you ever thought about why we celebrate World Teachers Day? Since 1995, this day has been celebrated in 100 countries around the world through UNESCO to recognize the contribution of teachers. Let's discuss the significance and importance and why we should celebrate Teachers Day-

Strengthening Teacher-Student-Parent Relationship

Students are one of the constituents of an educational institution. And the most important tool is the teacher. Besides, the importance of parents is immense for the overall development of students. As a result, there is no alternative but to strengthen the mutual relationship of teachers, students, and parents to get the overall success of the education system.  

  • Developing Mutual Trust: 
    We must create a place of trust, sincerity, and trust in each other. Regular mutual teacher-parent communication should be continued.
  • Acknowledging Teachers: 
    Recognition serves as a very important motivation in teaching. As a result, teachers have to make arrangements to recognize each work. Lately, many institutions recognize the work of teachers. Eg: At the end of the year the 'Best Teacher' award is given. 
  • Make Teaching Enjoyable: 
    It is everyone's wish that education should be enjoyable. But we always consider students to make learning enjoyable. We have to think, teachers should also be free from pressure. A teacher has to travel to the offices of various government departments with the documents and files of the institution. As a result, a teacher often deviates from his main work. Therefore, the teaching system should be ensured by keeping the teachers free from pressure. 

Teachers' Day 2024 Gift Ideas 

On World Teacher's Day, many students give gifts to their teachers on this special day. If you also want to give a special gift to your beloved teacher but cannot make sure what to gift to your teacher on Teachers' Day, then learn what to give-

  • Greeting Cards 
    You can give handmade greeting cards to your teacher along with a bouquet. Here you can express your feelings by writing.
  • Books
    Books are our true friends which never betray us. On this Teachers' Day, you can gift books of great authors to your respected teachers.
  • Diary
    Many teachers advise students to write a daily diary. If your favorite teacher ever gives such advice then you can gift him or her a beautiful diary. If necessary, at the beginning of the diary, you can write down how much you respect him or how much he contributed to your life.
  • Chocolate
    There is no alternative to chocolates for gifting on a limited budget. You can also add a handwritten letter to the teacher where you can express your gratitude, love, and respect for him/her.
    Trees are beneficial for the environment. If you want, you can gift a beautiful plant to the teacher. Giving this gift to the teacher will also make him very happy.
  • Personalized Coffee Mug or Tea Cup
    You can also gift a personalized coffee mug or a teacup to the teacher where two sentences will be written with his or her picture. 
    Present them with things like cute memo pads, note pads, well-crafted organizers, or a super-special pen. Parents can also leave a note to their child's teacher to say how much they appreciate their kindness, warmth, and patience.

Happy Teachers' Day 2024 Wishes

Teachers are ideal man-makers. Today is the day for those teachers. Their contribution is immense to our bright future. So on this World Teachers' Day thank your beloved teacher, with some sweet wishes.

  • Although our parents gave us life but dear Sir you taught us how to cope with life. You have added honesty, purity, and passion to our character. Happy Teachers' Day!
  • You have taught, inspired, encouraged, and helped me in shaping my career every step of the way. Happy Teacher's Day!
  • Thank you is too small a word to honor you, you have shown us the way to face all the problems of life. Happy Teacher's Day!
  • You are an amazing teacher who taught us how fun learning can be. Happy Teacher's Day!
  • Thanks a lot, dearest teacher for being a wonderful educator and a friend at the same time. Happy Teacher's Day!

Teachers' Day 2024 Messages 

Teachers are still working on building the future of kids. Seeing their students established in society, their chests swelled with pride. Therefore, send your beloved teacher heartfelt love messages on this World Teachers ‘Day- 

  • Dear Sir, on this day I would like to thank you for always keeping faith in me and guiding me to reach my goals even when no one else had faith in me. Happy Teachers' Day!
  • It was an honor having you as our teacher; you taught us the way we could understand! We are grateful to you for being so kind and friendly to us!
  • I have learned a lot more from you than from the books. You taught me and helped me realize the actual meaning of life. I'm thankful to God for having a teacher like you in my life! Happy Teachers' Day!
  • The way you speak, the way you teach, the care you take, the love you shower, and the knowledge you share make you the world's best teacher...Happy Teacher's Day!
  • You have a special ability to inspire youngsters like me. Schools, colleges, and universities would be great if they have teachers like you. Happy Teacher's Day!

Happy Teachers' Day 2024 SMS

When Teacher's Day comes, every one of us becomes nostalgic. The most favorite teacher of school-college life is remembered on this day. We also remember all the arrangements made on the occasion of Teacher's Day. To thank the teachers, we brought the best Teachers' Day SMS for you…

  • I feel so lucky and I’m grateful to the almighty to have a teacher like you. Thanks for inspiring me. You are like that teacher whom every school and university yearns for. Happy Teachers' Day!
  • We felt a powerful vibe the moment you entered the classroom, which still inspires us to be like you today. Happy Teachers’ Day!
  • The language will also fall short in explaining your contribution to education. Your enthusiasm for teaching has touched my heart, inspired by your focus. Happy Teacher's Day!
  • A country that has teachers like you, I am sure that country can become a superpower in a decade. Happy Teacher's Day to the most inspiring teacher in my life!
  • You are the spark, the inspiration, the guide, the light of my life. I am deeply grateful for you being my teacher.

Teachers' Day 2024 Status

Teachers have filled our lives with knowledge and education. Their love, scolding and punishing all occupy a special place in our hearts. Here are some of the best World Teachers' Day Statuses you can post on social media- 

Parents give us life but teachers teach us how to utilize life to the fullest. Happy Teachers' Day to all the hardworking and selfless teachers around the world!

During the exam, when the teacher passed by, I would cover the notebook with my hand, so that the teacher would not know how stupid we were. I remember those days very much today. Happy Teacher's Day!

Teachers can single-handedly change the face of a nation with the help of a generation of outstanding students. Happy Teacher's Day!

Teachers are supposed to lead by example, and you have always been a wonderful example to follow. Happy Teacher's Day!

Salute to all the teachers who are continuously inspiring the young generation and creating a bright future for them as well as for our country. Happy Teacher's Day!

Teachers' Day 2024 Captions 

Not only do teachers make us good students, but they also teach us to live like good people. Below are some of the best World Teachers' Day captions that will help you for sure- 

  • You are not less than a superhero in my life. Happy Teachers' Day!
  • You are the inspiration, motivation, and consciousness of my life, Happy Teacher's Day!
  • You are the only person who steered me in the right direction, thanks a lot ma'am. Happy Teacher's Day!
  • Today I am successful because I followed the path shown by you. Thank you, Sir. Happy Teacher's Day!
  • A great teacher will not answer all your questions but will ignite a fire in your mind to find answers to questions. Happy Teacher's Day!

Teachers' Day Quotes 

Teachers are like a candle that burns itself and gives light to the students. Among them, guidance, friendship, discipline, and love can be found simultaneously. Below are some of the best quotes from great people-

"Wherever you find something extraordinary, you’ll find the fingerprints of a great teacher." – Arne Duncan

"Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world." - Malala Yousafzai

"If a country is to be corruption free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother and the teacher." - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires." - William A. Ward

"The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery." - Mark Van Doren

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." - William Butler Yeats

"Teaching is the greatest act of optimism." - Colleen Wilcox