Happy Teddy Day 2024: Wishes, Messages, SMS, Status, and Quotes

Happy Teddy Day
Happy Teddy Day

February means the month of love, and Valentine's Week is known as the festival of love that begins on February 7 and concludes on February 14. Teddy Day is the fourth day of the week which is celebrated on February 10 each year. A Teddy bear is very popular as a gift of love. Just as giving gifts to lovers warms the relationship, teddy bears are also a great gift for children.

The main reason behind gifting a teddy bear is to express love to your loved ones and to make them happy. If you're far away, your partner can cuddle the soft Teddy you sent.

History of Teddy Bear

There is a great story behind the invention of this world's most popular soft teddy. Find out how the teddy bear was born -

Theodore Roosevelt Jr. (1858-1919), 26th president of the United States, went hunting in Mississippi in November 1902. Roosevelt could not find good hunting that day even after searching for a long time, which made him restless. To please the President, his entourage brought in a Luciana black bear cub. But Roosevelt's heart did not agree to shoot at the bear cub tied to the tree trunk. He released the little cub.

Washington Star cartoonist Clifford Berryman illustrated this story in the cartoon 'Drawing the Line in Mississippi'. In the picture, he drew Teddy Roosevelt standing with a rifle, and behind him is a small bear cub.

Maurice Mitchum, a Brooklyn toy store owner, was inspired by this cartoon. He made a sweet teddy bear. However, Maurice had no intention of selling it. The Teddy was placed next to the shop windows, and Berryman's cartoon was placed next to it.

Surprisingly, the customers want to buy Teddy as soon as they enter the store. Mitchum rushed to Roosevelt and sought permission to sell beer made by him and his wife. Thus, the teddy bear was born. The Ideal Toy Company was founded in 1903. The rest is history.

The Significance of Each Color Teddy Bear

Every color of the teddy bear has a different meaning. To win the heart of your loved one, gift her/his a teddy bear of her/his favorite color. 

A Red Teddy symbolizes passion and love. This gift is meant to increase the emotional intensity of the mutual connection.

A Pink Teddy means agree with you on your proposal. A pink teddy means he/she loves you.

A Blue Teddy symbolizes depth, strength, wisdom, and commitment. Gifting a blue teddy means your beloved and your love is really strong and you are committed to this relationship.

A Green Teddy symbolizes a deep connection with your loved one and the desire to wait for him/her.

An Orange Teddy Bear symbolizes joy, hope, and light.

Happy Teddy Day 2024 Wishes, Messages, SMS Status, and Quotes 

Couples on this day present their loved ones with soft teddies. A soft teddy can remind you of the lovely moments and times spent with your beloved. Teddy Day is incomplete without presenting teddies to your loved ones. Also, a teddy without a message is meaningless.

Therefore, add a greeting card with an adorable or a pair of soft teddies. Here we are with Teddy Day wishes, messages, status updates, and quotes to help you express your feelings thoughtfully.

Teddy Day Wishes for Girlfriend 2024 

I miss so much of that hugging, the warmth of embracing. Hug this teddy as if I am near. Happy Teddy Day, dear!

Happy Teddy Day my love! Let the hug live on with this teddy. Happy Teddy Day! 

Who says Teddy isn't real, just looking at you. You're the cutest teddy, my love. Happy Teddy Day!

Will you hold me, hug me tightly, and spend all your nights with me? Happy Teddy Day!

Teddy Day Messages for Her 2024 

Today is the day to say that special word; today is the day to let everyone know that I have a special teddy bear, and that is you.

Teddy is truly my best friend. Teddy is the one who quietly listens to every problem, even if there is no one to talk about. Happy Teddy Day!

I don't want to give you a teddy toy because I'm giving myself the gift of being your forever teddy.

I will not lose you, from this mind of mine; I have kept you in my heart with all the happiness of the world.

Teddy Day Wishes for Boyfriend 

I want you to be by my side in every phase of my life I always want to hug you like a teddy bear.

I remember those days, the days when my sadness was only accompanied by my teddy bear.. And today my sadness is accompanied by you..

You can't always hug me but you can definitely hug this teddy bear

Happy Teddy Day dear!

I'm sending you a teddy with love, keep it to yourself, if you love me, send me a teddy with love too...Happy Teddy Day!

Happy Teddy Day Status 2024

This cute teddy bear is for a cute girl. Happy Teddy Day!

I don't have to give you a doll on Teddy Day… because you're not a lifeless doll. Happy Teddy Day!

Today is Teddy Day…So I'm looking for someone who I can hold and hug…

Sending you my love, hugs, and kisses through this teddy Happy Teddy Day baby!

You cry on my shoulder, like my old teddy. I do hope this teddy helps you in the same way.

Happy Teddy Day!

Happy Teddy Day SMS 2024

If I were a teddy, I would send myself to your caress! Happy Teddy Day!

Today is Teddy Day; I want to wish for a sweeter girl than Teddy.

I'm sending you a teddy with love, keep it to yourself, if you love me, send me a teddy with love too...Happy Teddy Day!

Happy Teddy Day Wishes for Wife 2024


You are in my thoughts and heart wherever I go. Happy Teddy Day!

You are always in my thoughts and wherever you go in my dreams you will always be near my heart.

This is a cute teddy bear for my intelligent wife who is of course my life.

She complains about me, I smile at everyone, the crazy does not know what I see; I see the same look on everyone's face. Happy Teddy Day!

Teddy Day Wishes for Husband 2024

Thanks are nothing for always loving me and taking care of me, even when I am not much loveable. Happy Teddy day!

You shoulder my hardships and problems, and I can proudly say that you're the best husband in the world! Happy Teddy Day!

Teddy Day Wishes for Friends 2024

Teddies are so cute, new or old, but can never beat a sweet friend like you. Happy Teddy Day!

It doesn't matter how old you get, you'll always be my favorite teddy bear. Happy Teddy Day, my dear friend.

You are as beautiful as roses, as sweet as chocolates, and as cute as teddies. Happy Teddy Day!

Happy Teddy Day to the most beautiful friend who is as innocent as a teddy bear!

Teddy Day Quotes 2024

“You know, most girls sleep with a teddy bear or an extra pillow. But I gotta say, that’s kinda hot.” – Rachel Vincent

“You’re a big, lovable teddy bear.” – Michael Grant

“Love me, love my Teddy Bear.” – Samantha Armstrong

“You really don’t have to be young to find a friend in a Teddy bear.” – Rachel Newman

“When everyone else has let you down, there’s always Ted.” – Clara Ortega