Hungarian Republic Day 2022: Wishes, Status, SMS, Quotes

Hungarian Republic Day
Hungarian Republic Day

Hungarian Republic Day: History, Celebrations, Flag, Symbol, Motto, Anthem, Wishes, Status, SMS, Quotes and More to Know. Hungarian Republic Day is a public holiday celebrated annually on October 23 to commemorate the 1956 revolution and the declaration of Hungary as a republic. This day is a public holiday in Hungary, as embodied in the country’s constitution.

The Republic Day of Hungary 2024

Hungarian Republic Day is observed every year on October 23rd honouring the two major events in Hungarian history. First, when the Hungarian people resisted the Soviet Union, and second, the formation of Hungary in 1989. The country rebelled against the local government and the policies imposed on it by the Soviets which continued from October 23 to November 10, 1956. Although the revolution failed, it played a major role in the collapse of the Soviet Union years later. This year the day will be observed on Sunday, 23 October 2022.

History of Hungarian Republic Day

Hungary was occupied by the Soviet Union after the end of World War II. Later, when Austria underwent democratic changes, Hungarians expected the same amendments. But unfortunately, the expectations of the Hungarian people were dashed after the establishment of the Warsaw Pact in 1955.

Hungarian students demonstrated in Budapest in 1956 demanding democratic changes in Hungary and freedom from Soviet rule, supported by the majority and protesters increased, leading to mass protests throughout Hungary. The Soviets tried to regain control by placing tanks in the streets of Budapest. Consequently, the Hungarians revolted against the local government and the Soviets called a ceasefire and announced that they would hold fair elections.

The above commemorates the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. In honour of the event, the Hungarians proclaimed the Third Hungarian Republic on October 23, 1989. The Hungarians demanded that Hungary's constitution be made a series of changes to the multi-party politics there was submission, public assembly, and the establishment of separation of powers within the government.

Finally, the official celebration of this day was declared on October 23, 1991, by the National Assembly.

How does Hungarian celebrate Republic Day?

October 23 is Hungarian Republic Day, which commemorates the recognition of the third Hungarian Republic in 1989, and is celebrated throughout the country with speeches and parades. The Hungarian Parliament is lit up in National Colours that day.

How to celebrate Hungarian Republic Day

The Republic Day of Hungary is a proud moment for the Hungarian people. Here we added the ways to celebrate the day -

1. Learn the History of Hungary

For more insight into Hungarian history, read books about Hungary, what happened in 1956 and how Hungary saved itself from Russian soldiers. Some recommendations include, “A Will to Survive: A History of Hungary” by Bryan Cartledge, “A Concise History of Hungary” by Miklós Molnár, and “The Hungarians” by Paul Lendvai.

2. Go to the Hungarian Parliament

You can visit the Hungarian Holy Crown and the Crown Jewels, which are on display in the Hungarian Parliament. Usually, this day is completely free to enter the parliament buildings.

3. Have a Hungarian Feast

Cook or order a few traditional Hungarian cuisines and treat yourself and your loved ones to a delicious Hungarian meal. Some recommended Hungarian dishes are langos, goulash, főzelék, and somlói galuska.

Flag of Hungary and its Significance

Hungary National Flag

The flag of Hungary (Hungarian: Magyarország zászlaja ) consists of a horizontal tricolour of red-white-green. The official flag of Hungary was adopted on March 23, 1957, as the state flag and reaffirmed on 19 June 1990. The official proportion of the flag is 1:2 and uses as civil and state flags.

Hungary’s tricolour flag was officially adopted on October 12, 1957, following the abortive revolution in 1956. These colours are identical to those found on Hungary’s traditional coat of arms. The white represents Hungary’s rivers, the green symbolises its mountains, and the red is said to represent the bloodshed of many wars.

National Symbols of Hungary

These valuable special Hungarian products and symbols are called Hungaricum or Hunnerisms.

Turul, the Hungarian mythical symbol.

Old Hungarian script, the old Hungarian writing system.

The Holy Crown of Hungary.

The Holy Right.

The other Hungarian National Symbols include-

  • National Animal of Hungary: The Turul
  • National Bird: The saker falcon is the national bird of Hungary
  • National Flower: the tulip is the national flower of Hungary.
  • National Tree: Acacia is the national tree of Hungary.
  • National Fruit: Orange is the national fruit of Hungary.

National Anthem of Hungary

"Himnusz" is the national anthem of Hungary, written by Ferenc Kölcsey, a nationally renowned poet, in 1823, and the current official musical version was written by Romantic composer Ferenc Erkel in 1844. It was adopted by the Hungarian People's Republic in 1949 and 1989 by de jure.

National Motto of Hungary

Currently, there is no official motto in Hungary. Formerly the motto was "Cum Deo pro Patria et Libertate" (Latin) which means With God for Country and Liberty.

Why Do We Observe Hungarian Republic Day?

1. To respect Hungarians' determination

We respect the determination of the Hungarian people, fighters and protesters who stood up bravely against a strong nation. They continued fighting until the Soviets announced a ceasefire. It showed their unity and determination to achieve their goals.

2. To commemorate Hungarians' independence

Though the revolution failed, the Hungarians gained freedom from the Soviets as an after-effect. It is regarded as one of the most powerful events in the history of the 20th century.

3. The revolution drew the attention of the world

The revolution was recognised in many countries, including the United States. As protests and riots took place on the streets of Budapest, international attention focused on events in Hungary.

Hungarian Republic Day Wishes & Messages 2024

Hungarian Republic Day is a significant day for Hungarian citizens honouring those who rebelled against Soviet rule. Copy and share these wishes and messages to wish your loved ones on this day -

  • It was great resistance and diligence that liberated our country from the Soviets and we should celebrate this day with great spirit. Happy Hungarian Republic Day!
  • Happy Hungarian Republic Day! This will remain the most important day for all of us.
  • On Hungarian Republic Day, let’s remember all those people without whom the founding of Hungary would not have happened.
  • Let us all celebrate Hungarian Republic Day; rejoice in the birth of an independent nation and therefore, we must celebrate this day with great spirit.
  • Happy Hungarian Republic Day to all. It was the day that forced Soviets agreed to our demand for a free and independent Hungary.
  • Come, and make Hungarian Republic Day a memorable occasion by sharing a typical Hungarian feast with our loved ones.

Hungarian Republic Day Status 2024

On this day, the first free parliamentary elections gave Hungary the status of a free republic. Here we bring the best statues for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter -

  • I wish everyone a very happy Hungarian Republic Day! Entry to parliamentary buildings is free today and so we should visit them to celebrate this day.
  • Happy Hungarian Republic Day! It was a long hardship to achieve this freedom and so we must learn about this journey.
  • The independence and freedom we have today are all due to the hard work of our ancestors. Happy Hungarian Republic Day!
  • Let us celebrate Hungarian Republic Day with gratitude to our national heroes for their courage and bravery. Happy Hungarian Republic Day!
  • Celebrations of Hungarian Republic Day are abortive without overserving the day with high spirits and gratitude for the independence that we have today.

Hungarian Republic Day 2024 SMS

On this glorious occasion, we've created the post with short messages (SMS) that may help you wish your friends, family members, and colleagues -

  • Happy Hungarian Republic Day! This is the great day when Hungary was founded and we will always be proud of this day.
  • On Hungarian Republic Day we must pledge to always stand up together and stand with our country in good and bad states.
  • As Hungarians, we must do everything for our country to be proud of us. Happy Hungarian Republic Day!
  • Enjoy Hungarian Republic Day by getting together and learning about our country’s history. Happy Hungarian Republic Day!
  • Let’s make this Hungarian Republic Day memorable for all of us by taking a closer look at our struggle for independence.

Republic Day of Hungary is celebrated on October 23 annually and commemorates the historic revolution that changed Hungary’s politics. The Hungarian Revolution was an impulsive revolution that spread across Hungary. The day is celebrated throughout the country with performances and speeches honouring the Hungarian people and culture.