King's Day Netherlands 2024 Wishes, Messages, Status, Quotes

King's Day Netherlands or Koningsdag is a public holiday in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It is celebrated on April 27 (April 26 if April 27 falls on Sunday) marking the birthday of King Willem-Alexander. The holiday is known as Koninginnedag or Queen’s Day when the Dutch monarch is a woman, and until Queen Beatrix’s reign in 2013, it was celebrated on April 30th. Please scroll down to learn more about King's Day Netherlands and its history, activities, wishes, messages, greetings, and quotes.

King's Day Netherlands (Koningsdag) 2024 Date

King's Day, observed by the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Netherlands, Curaçao, Aruba, Sint Maarten) is a national holiday. The day is dedicated to the Birthday of King Willem-Alexander. King's Day is marked by Partying, flea markets, wearing orange costumes, concerts, and traditional local gatherings. In 2024, Koningsdag will be celebrated on Wednesday, 27 April.

History of King's Day Netherlands

Originally celebrated on August 31, 1885, Prinsesadag or Princess's Day, the fifth birth anniversary of Princess Wilhelmina, then heir conjectural to the Dutch throne. After her accession in November 1890, the holiday was renamed Koninginnedag, which was celebrated for the first time on 31 March 1891. In September 1948, Wilhelmina’s daughter Juliana ascended the throne and the date was moved to her birthday, April 30, and had been celebrated since 1949.

In 2009, an unfortunate incident occurred when the Queen was celebrating Queen's Day in Apeldoorn when a man tried to assault her by trying to hit the royal family’s bus with his car; instead, he hit a man with his car and crashed into a monument: seven people in the crowd were killed, as well as the driver.

In 2013, Queen Beatrix was turned down on Koninginnedag and her son Willem-Alexander replaced the throne (the first king since the national holiday). The festival was therefore renamed Koningsdag from 2014 onwards, and the three-day celebration was moved to April 27, Willem-Alexander’s birthday.

King's Day Netherlands Activities, Celebrations 

The Koningsdag celebrations are organized by the Orange Committees, local associations that seek sponsorship and funds for their activities. Koningsdag or King's Day is known throughout the country for its vrijmarkt (free market), where the Dutch sell their used goods. Besides, it brings an opportunity for "orange madness" or oranjegekte, one type of frenzy named after the Netherlands' national color.