Libya Liberation Day 2024: History, Wishes, Status, SMS, Quotes

Libya Liberation Day
Libya Liberation Day

Libya Liberation Day: History, Celebrations, Flag, Symbol, Motto, Anthem, Wishes, Status, SMS, Quotes and More to Know. Libya's Liberation Day celebrated on 23rd October annually commemorates the liberation after a long civil war on this date back in 2011.

Libya Liberation Day 2024

The annual celebration of Libya’s Liberation Day, which falls on October 23, commemorates the fall of Muammar Gaddafi's 42-year-long regime after a long civil war. Marking the end of Gaddafi's rule, the day is observed as the beginning of prosperity for Libyans. Libya Liberation Day is one of six public holidays in Libya and this year the day will be celebrated on Sunday, October 23rd.

History Of Libya Liberation Day

Muammar Gaddafi's regime began in Libya on September 1, 1969, when he led a group of military leaders in a coup against King Idris I. Gaddafi proved to be a divisive leader as he undoubtedly brought stability to the country, maximised revenue from the oil reserves of the country and passed some progressive legislation on women’s right.

However, his rule has been seen as authoritarian to the point of dictatorship, with allegations of corruption and a crackdown on political opponents. He was also considered an international pariah, an enthusiastic sponsor of anti-Western terrorism.

In 2011, the Arab Spring movement led to the overthrow of rulers in Tunisia and Egypt. Embedded within these countries, there have been several rebellions in Libya. However, while regime change in the rest of the country accelerated, Gaddafi launched a vigorous response to the uprisings that plunged the country into civil war, with government forces launching counterattacks against the mutineers.

With the air and military support of the United States and NATO, the rebels finally gained momentum, capturing the capital Tripoli in August 2011.

Gaddafi and his troops made the last attempt in the Battle of Sirte but failed On October 20, Gaddafi was captured and executed. Despite some sporadic clashes in the last few months, victory was celebrated on 23 October 2011.

How does Libya celebrate Liberation Day?

Libya’s Liberation Day mainly marks the end of oppressive rule by Muammar Gaddafi and the beginning of optimism for Libyans. The day honours and celebrates the courage of those revolutionary fighters who stood up against the Gaddafi regime. All banks, schools, and government offices are closed across the country on this day as it is a national holiday.

Flag of Libya and its Significance

Libya National Flag

The Libyan national flag was originally adopted in 1951, which coincided with the establishment of the Kingdom of Libya. Omar Faiek Shennib designed the flag and was approved by King Idris Al Senussi who represented the UN delegation representing the three regions of Cyrenaica, Fezzan and Tripolitania in the UN integration talks.

The flag has a horizontal triband red-black-green design, with the central black band twice as long as the outer bands charged with a white crescent and five-pointed star centred on the black stripe. It is used as a National flag civil and state ensign and has an official proportion of 1:2.

The flag was discontinued in 1969 but was later readopted by the National Transitional Council on August 3, 2011.

National Symbols of Libya

A new Libyan biometric passport was introduced in February 2013. The cover of the new passport features a star and crescent in the centre, as of the Libyan flag. The symbol can therefore be seen as a de facto emblem for Libya.

The Government of National Unity, formed on May 15, 2021, issued an official seal featuring a moon and star and the name of the state and government in Arabic.

The other Libyan National Symbols include -

  • National Animal of Libya: the Arabian Eagle is the national bird of Libya.
  • National Flower: Pomegranate Blossom is the national flower of Libya.
  • National Tree of Libya: not declared yet
  • National Fruit: the fig is the unofficial national fruit of Libya.

National Anthem of Libya

"Libya, Libya, Libya" (Arabic: ليبيا ليبيا ليبيا), also referred to as "Ya Beladi" which English means is: "Oh my country!", is the national anthem of Libya which was readapted in 2011 after it was relinquished in 1969. Earlier, it was the national anthem of the Kingdom of Libya from 1955 to 1969. The lyrics were written by Al Bashir Al Arebi and composed by Mohammed Abdel Wahab in 1951.

National Motto of Libya

Libya's national motto is: حكومة الوحدة الوطنية - دولة ليبيا (English: "Government of National Unity - State of Libya")

Libya Liberation Day 2024 wishes, messages, status, and SMS

Libya's Liberation Day imposes a great adoration to the people of Libya as on this day modern Libya was established. We've made this post full of wishes, messages, statuses and SMSs for you to share with your loved ones -

  • Happy Libyan Liberation Day to you all. The holiday reminds us of our struggle for the freedom of our people.
  • Let's learn more about our country’s history by learning about the prolonged civil war in Libya. Happy Libyan Liberation Day!
  • Happy Liberation Day! Without such strong and courageous people, Libya would not have been liberated.
  • Happy Liberation Day to you all in Libya. This day reminds us of our leader and our brave men who fought for our freedom.
  • Let’s come together on Libya’s liberation day and make this day worth memorable by saluting our brave heroes who fought for us.
  • There are a lot of struggles on Libya’s Liberation Day. We could not have saved Libya if the brave people did not stand against the oppression.

Libya Liberation Day Quotes

Muammar Gaddafi lived up to that title until his death. He famously insisted that Libya was a democracy, not a dictatorship and that he was a much-loved "king of kings." Let's have a look at some of his famous quotes -

"I am here. I am here. I am here. We will be victorious in the end." - Moammar Gaddafi

"We won't surrender again; we are not women; we will keep fighting." - Moammar Gaddafi

"There is no state with a democracy except Libya on the whole planet."- Moammar Gaddafi

"I see certain similarities between him [Abraham Lincoln] and me."- Moammar Gaddafi

Libyan Liberation Day is celebrated annually on October 23 throughout Libya marking the liberation of Libya after a long Civil War. On this day, the prolonged Libyan Civil War ended in 2011 and thus, a new Libya was born.