Singles' Day 2023: Wishes, Messages Status, SMS, Quotes

Singles' Day
Singles' Day

Singles' Day, or Double 11, originally called Bachelors' Day, is an unofficial Chinese holiday and shopping season that celebrates non-relationships on November 11th every year. The date, November 11 (11/11), was chosen because the number 1 represents a "bare stick," which is Chinese Internet slang for an unmarried person who has not added "branches" to his family tree. The fourth "1" in the abstract also refers to the demographic group of single people.

Singles' Day 2023 Date

Singles Day in China is an annual commercial holiday observed on November 11th. 11/11 was chosen because it represents 4 bare sticks. Though the day is not an officially recognized public holiday in China, it has become the world's largest offline and online shopping day. This year Singles' Day will be celebrated on Friday, November 11 across China.

What is Singles Day?

Singles' Day, celebrated on November 11, is a Chinese commercial holiday for singles to show their pride in being single. It began as a paean to bachelorhood, where lonely students at Nanjing University in China chose to commemorate November 11 as 11/11 is like a bunch of sticks instead of mourning their partnerless status.

History of Singles' Day

There are many theories to explain the beginning of Singles Day. It is widely accepted that the origins of Singles' Day, or Bachelor's Day, lie in the Nanjing University 1993 incident where four male students in the Mingcaowuzhu (all single men) dormitory at Nanjing University discussed how to break from the monotony of singlehood and decided that November 11 would be a day of events and to celebrate singleness. It was chosen from the four 1's because it features four singles. The day of celebration singlehood spread to several universities in Nanjing in the 1990s.

The anti-Valentine’s Day single celebration has caught on across China and has spread, usually involving fun, harmless activities. These activities spread throughout the university and eventually into the wider community. The outreach has increased with the use of social media, and the event has become increasingly popular in contemporary Chinese culture and society.

Singles' Day Celebrations

The major celebrations of the day include shopping, festivals, and party at clubs/bars.

Originally, the day was celebrated by a small group of college singles as a cynical response to traditional couple-centered holidays. The holiday has become the biggest physical shopping day and online shopping day in the world.

Singles' Day, much like Cyber Monday or Black Friday, is a shopping day. Although it started as a celebration and romance, it has become a chance for individuals to treat themselves to goodies and fun things.

As it has grown, and Alibaba has become more involved, it’s a great day for more consumers. It’s been a long time since people bought things on Singles’ Day, which is part of how it’s become the biggest online shopping day of the year.

Singles' Day Cultural Traditions and Events

Some traditions still exist such as going out for dinner, going to the movies, sheepishly crashing dates, and going on “dates” with your other single friends to celebrate independence and self-love. Singles Day is also promoted as a cultural event. Alibaba usually hosts big celebrations on the big day the night before the big sale.

Singles Day allows single people to get together and organize parties. Originally, the holiday was only celebrated by young guys, which is why it was originally named Bachelors' Day. But now both genders are highly regarded. Blind dating parties are popular on this day, which encourages participants to change their private lifestyles Different universities organize special programs and events to bring singles together for the celebration.

Singles may feel bitter or self-deprecating about staying single as a college student, but university plans have helped curb these negative feelings. Although this day is meant to celebrate singleness, man the desire to find a wife or partner is often expressed by Chinese youth on this day, and other love-related issues are discussed in Chinese media.

Singles' Day Around the World

Since then, Singles' Day has gained popularity online and is now celebrated in many places outside China as well. This day has been the fastest-growing in Southeast Asia, with Lazada's Southeast Asian shoppers ordering 6.5 million items in 2017. In Indonesia, November 11 is known as "Harbolnas" (National Online Shopping Day) and offers significant discounts from major online retailers.

In the UK, Singles' Day is celebrated on 11 March, also known as National Singles' Day. It was started by an internationally recognized group of known dating specialists to help singles either accept the identity as single or ‘do something about it.

MediaMarkt, a renowned German company, promotes Singles' Day in its stores. In 2016, Swedish electronics company "Elgiganten" launched a Singles' Day campaign in Norway before it came into force in other Nordic countries the next year.

In South Korea, it is known as 'Black Day' which is celebrated on April 14. Those who weren't gifted on Valentine’s Day eat Jajangmyeon noodles with black sauce.

In the United States, Singles Awareness Day is celebrated on February 15, the day after Valentine's Day to celebrate the single status of those who remain single.

In Finland, the good people of Finland celebrate Ystävänpäivä (in English: Friendship Day), on February 14 as an alternative to Valentine's Day with their friends.

Who created Singles Day?

Bachelors' Day or Singles' Day was created by four, single male students at Nanjing University in China in 1993. Later, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma made the day a commercial holiday.

How to celebrate Singles' Day

There are various ways to celebrate the day but we discuss a few of them below. 5 best ways to celebrate Singles' Day –

1. Singles' Day Sales

Why not grab the vantage of some of the great discounts on Singles' Day sales? You can shop on Alibaba Group from around the world and take advantage of some great savings.

2. Spend the Day Outside

If you are feeling bored being single, just step outside a bit. Try spending the day in nature as it helps reset your mind. And if you don’t have a free day trial get outside in the morning or afternoon for at least an hour or two.

3. Singles' Dinner Party

Invite all your single friends to a dinner party on this day and enjoy bachelorhood.

4. Give Yourself a Day Off

If your single life is busy with work, you might be in for a challenge. When you don’t have anything else major going on in your life, it’s easy to marry that job. But as you are single and this day is dedicated to singles why not take a leave and enjoy the day?

5. Gift Other Singles in Your Life

Certainly, it’s also great to get to know the other singles in your life. Surprise your dear single friends with a gift that shows you care about them and that they’re important. You can do the same even if you’re not romantically involved.

Happy Singles' Day 2023: Wishes, Messages

Remaining single is a decision to take care of yourself, your life, and your dreams more importantly. With all the singles around your life with Singles' Day wishes and messages –

  • Single is not a status, it's s about choosing the lifestyle that you know is right for you, and not letting the world go to waste. Happy Singles' Day!
  • It’s always a better option to stay single and stay happy than to be a part of a relationship that’s eating you up from the inside. Happy Singles Day!
  • Staying single doesn’t mean you didn’t have options but it does mean you chose for yourself. Have a blessed Singles' Day!
  • Being single is about making a commitment to being alone and not feeling guilty about yourself. Happy Singles Day!

Happy Singles' Day 2023: Status, Caption

Staying single is not easy especially not for the weak. Post your thoughts with these Singles' Day statuses on social media –

  • I’ve never met a sidekick who was as good as being isolated. So this day is all about me – Happy Singles' Day!
  • Single is not a boring status, rather it's a word that best describes you perfectly and describes a person who values his life and living without relying on others.
  • Being Single is a chance to live by no one’s rules and unapologetically. Happy Singles' Day!
  • Having enough courage to get away from everyone frees you to welcome every person into your life that you like and don’t like. Happy Singles' Day!

Singles' Day 2023 SMS

Celebrate the day rather than lament for being single and text your experiences with Singles' Day short messages (SMS) –

  • Single people always live on their own and that’s why they are happy and satisfied. Happy Singles Day!
  • I guess I love myself and that's why I'm single and I do these things for my good. Happy Singles' Day!
  • Being single isn't a disappointment but it's a great delightful feeling. Happy Singles' Day!
  • Singleness is a chance to live without anyone else’s wishes and not to apologize. Happy Singles' Day!

Motivational Singles Quotes

Below is a collection of 10 Inspirational Singles Quotes to motivate you and therefore share these with the singles who are upset about being single.

"Being single doesn’t necessarily mean you’re available. Sometimes you have to put up a sign that says “Do Not Disturb” on your heart." — Wiz Khalifa

"He sleeps fastest who sleeps alone." — Richard Avedon

"To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance." — Oscar Wilde

"My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude." — Warsan Shire

"Why haven't I got a husband and children? I never met a man I could marry." — Greta Garbo

"Being with no one is better than being with the wrong one. Sometimes those who fly solo have the strongest wings." — Nitya Prakash

"Being single is about celebrating and appreciating your own space that you're in." — Kelly Rowland

"If we are doomed to marry, we marry; if we are doomed to remain single we do." — Thomas Hardy

"When you’re single and in your 20s, you throw on a pair of jeans and look fabulous." — Sheena Easton

"As a body, everyone is single. As a soul, never." — Hermann Hesse

Singles' Day Symbolism

The following symbolism accompanies the special date:

The digit "1" represents a single, person.

"11" signifies two single people finding each other and getting together on a side date special (11.11).

2 x (11) is a celebration of two or more singles, finding each on a special day (11.11).

Singles' Day Facts

Learn about 8 interesting facts about Singles' Day below:

  • Singles' Day has become a shopping spree as Alibaba CEO Jack Ma instituted the first Singles Day sales on 11 November 2009, making it the world’s most lucrative shopping day.
  • In 2011, it was the Day of the Century of Singles (pinyin Chinese: Shiji Guanggun Jie) because this day had six "ones", instead of four, making it the most significant year of the century.
  • Singles' Day in 2012 surpassed Cyber Monday by collecting more than double that of the biggest online shopping day.
  • Singles' Day 2017 hits the record highest for most transactions on the mobile wallet app Alipay, breaking the record for the most transactions per second at 256,000.
  • Alibaba customers surpassed 213.5 billion yuan (USD 30.7 billion) in total revenue on Singles' Day 2018.
  • In 2019, Alibaba declared gross merchandise volume for the entire event reached 268.4 billion yuan ($38.4 billion), a 26% increase from last year.
  • In 2021, Alibaba and JD achieved a new total Singles Day sales record of $139 billion.
  • Contradictory, the holiday has become a popular day for marriage. In 2011, more than 4,000 couples were married in Beijing on that day 2011, far exceeding the daily average of 700 marriages.

In the concluding section, we can say that started by a group of male students at the Nanjing University of China, Singles' Day arrives and is celebrated every year on November 11th in China and many parts of the world. Although it begins as a day to celebrate romantic anonymity it turns into a single big shopping holiday.